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Cloud Computing Services

SaaS WebOS

Each moboff member gets a WebOS account that includes 5GB of data storage, in-browser access to MS Office, and other applications. Being entirely browser based, members can take their same office IT environment where ever they go. *We are in the process of shifting our service to paid Google Apps for Business with data storage, etc. More updates soon (11/05/01)

Main Services

Data Storage/File Sharing (5GB/per.)
in-browser MS Office usage
Email application
Forums/Groups, etc.
Data Storage

Data Storage

Office Applications

Office Applications



VoIP Tel, IP Fax

Our telephony services are completely IP-based, so they can be used where ever you are. Whether at a moboff location, at home, or out about town, you will always have your same office connectivity.

VoIP Telephone

Your phone has a 03 Tokyo area code (not the more common 050 VoIP code) and can be directed to your mobile, or used through your computer or iPhone/Android phone.

VoIP Tel

VoIP soft phone on computer

IP Fax (option)

Some of us still have clients who send faxes. With our IP fax service, you get your own fax number (number has a 050 area code) and faxes are sent your email as PDFs.

IP Fax

IP Fax screen