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Make the City your Office

moboff is short for mobile office. With the advent of cloud based IT services and a new thinking in office design that rejects fixed desks and emphasizes flexibility and mobility, we strove to create a working environment for the current age. Our goal is to Make the City your Office. The three pillars of moboff service are REAL office facilities, CLOUD based IT services, and a COMMUNITY of entrepreneurs and like-minded business persons.


REAL refers to those physical facilities of an office. moboff locations are designed by up-and-coming Japanese designers and come fully furnished and with full Internet connectivity. Unlike regular serviced or executive office space, we include a wide, free-address area for coworking and open exchange between members.


Private Offices
Shared, Coworking space
Meeting Rooms
Seminar Rooms
Business Address Service
Business Support (web design, tax help, etc.)

5F free-address coworking area


Any office requires the basics of data storage/file sharing, telephony, and other IT services. All our services are cloud and IP based so that they can be accessed from moboff locations, from home, or from anywhere about town or the world.


SaaS WebOS *migrating soon to Google Apps
VoIP Telephone
IP Fax
City wide WiFi HotSpot usage (those that aren't already free)
Remote Desktop, etc.
Cloud Computing

browser based WebOS, data storage/file sharing, etc.


Unlike virtual social networks like Facebook or Linkedin, we manage real, physical locations that allow for more in-depth and productive sharing and collaboration between members. It is this community business persons, entrepreneurs, freelancers, creatives, etc. that give moboff its greatest value. Currently most of our membership is Japanese, but we aim to bring in more international membership to help better bridge Japan to the rest of the world.


Networking Events/Seminars
Online collaboration using our cloud services
Business matching (between members)
Business matching (members to other businesses), etc.