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Coworking Space

The largest feature that separates us from other serviced offices is our free-address shared/coworking space. Like in a library, drop in, find a seat and get some work done. Includes WiFi, outlets, a shared iMac, printer, coffee, etc.

Shared Office Members (1 person per plan) get 24/7 access to the space.

Set-up Fee: 49,800JPY (tax incl.)

Monthly Charge: 49,800JPY (tax incl.)

Persons: 1 per.

Shared Office & Tokyo Coworking

4F Coworking area

4th shared space

4F veranda

4th floor veranda & wooden deck

5F Coworking area

5F shared space

5F Veranda

5F veranda & wooden deck


Private Offices

For members who need privacy and space, we have a wide variety of private office spaces that come fully furnished. Private office members also have full use of the shared office area.

Set-up Fee: 157,500JPY - 1 month's rent (tax incl.)

Monthly Charge: 53,000JPY - 360,000JPY (tax incl.)

Utilities: 21,000 - 35,000JPY (depending on office size)

Persons: 1 -6 per. (depending on office size)

Private Serviced

4F Hallway

4F Hallway

5per Office

5 person office

5F Hallway

5F Hallway

1per office

1 person office


Virtual Office Tokyo

For those who simply require a business address & telephone forwarding, we recommend the virtual office plan. Your Tokyo address would be in the prestigious Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku business district. Virtual office members can always use the meeting rooms and shared space on an hourly basis (charged separately).

Set-up Fee: 20,790JPY (tax incl.)

Monthly Charge: 20,790JPY (tax incl.)

Persons: 1 per.

Virtual Office Address

Meeting Spaces

Fully equipped meeting rooms are available for hourly rental. Private Offices that aren't currently occupied can also be used on an hourly basis. Shared & Private member get 10 - 20 points for free meeting room use.

Room Type: 6 - 30 persons

Member Rates: from 1,050JPY/hr (tax incl.) or 1pt.

Non-member Rates: 3,150JPY/hr (tax incl.)

Reservations: here

Meeting Room

Meeting Room

Seminar Room

Seminar Room

Option Services

We can also provide a wide variety of optional office services.

@ your main moboff location.

Sending Faxes
Rental Locker
Telephone Secretary
Business Support Services
(website creation, business card design, tax help, etc.)

@ other moboff locations

Meeting Room Usage
Seminar Room Usage
Shared Space Usage
Printer Area

Printer Area

Renatl Lockers

Rental Lockers

Website Design

Website Design

Business Card Design

Business Card Design